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MEDICUBE AGE-R Booster Pro Home Skin Care Apparaat

MEDICUBE AGE-R Booster Pro Home Skin Care Apparaat

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Medicube’s first total care device that contains 6 key functions to achieve your skin goals. This device combines the latest skincare technology- Electroporation, Microcurrent, EMS, Electric needles, LED and Sonic vibration, suitable to use for all skin types. AGE-R Booster Pro is a high-tech beauty device that provides you professional-level skincare in the comfort of your own home. Benefits include improved skincare product absorption, enhanced radiance, elasticity care, facial contouring and pore care With four easy-to-use modes, the device offers simplicity and effectiveness. That's not all, you can experience a luxurious spa skincare through our AGE-R application.


1. 6-IN-1 High-Tech Device

Achieve your skin goals with innovative technology.

2. Don't need a conductive gel

Just use it with your skincare products! Bootser Pro will be the game changer in your skincare routine that makes your skin healthy and glowy

3. Skin-contact sensor for personalized and safe

Equipped with a skin contact sensor that emits LED light only when it touches the skin.

4. Customized care for me with the AGE-R app

Use your device more effectively with the AGE-R app

The ultimate beauty device with 6 technologies in one
5 types of intensive LED. 
Five LED colors indicate different targeted care for various skin goals.

Blue: Pore Care & Sebum Control  / 466nm 
Orange: Brightening / 607nm     
Green: Volumizing / 521nm    
Red: Elasticity / 622nm   
Purple: Boosts skincare / 410nm 


  • Booster mode: Electroporation
    Booster mode helps absorb active ingredients and delivers them while boosting radiance. Utilizes electroporation more stable utilization of electroporation, creating temporary fine holes for the maximized absorption of active ingredients.
  • MC Mode: Microcurrent
    MC mode helps to volumize facial lines
    Microcurrent targets the areas around the eyes, smile lines, and mouth
  • Derma Shot Mode : EMS
    Derma Shot mode stimulates sagging skin and care for muscles to create a firmer facial contour Facial contour care by applying mid-frequency EMS optimized for facial muscles to stimulate muscles that have lost elasticity.
  • Air Shot Mode: Electric needles
    Air shot mode helps improve pore elasticity by creating non-damaging passageways on the skin layer with electric needles. Electric needle technology forms micro holes and improves pore elasticity.
  • Customized Vibration Care
    Different vibration patterns for each mode provide a more professional and effective care.
    Radiance boosting vibration : Vibrations are designed to help the skincare product absorb deeply.
    Line smoothing vibration : Vibrations are synchronized with the lifting motion.
    Facial contour vibration : Vibrations are suitable for muscle care.
    Pore elasticity vibration : Vibrations are intended for comprehensive pore care.

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